"Now is the winter of our discontent"
                                  Shakespeare: Richard the Third, Act I, Scene I

March 2015

The Process of Elimination
of wet walls

Back wall of a bedroom

Back wall of other bedroom
Note one of 9 fans that are on 24 hours a day.

Back wall of office

Dining room with suction pads to draw damp air out from
under floor. Suction device is in foreground and dehumidifier
is in background and the noise level is all around!

Kayaks removed from garage for access to garage damage.
It's March and they should be going into the water soon!
Fat chance of that.

Front foyer with roof exposed
Hard wood wall must be removed because of dampness.
Without closet walls, we can see out bedroom window.  

These are 4 heavy duty dehumidifiers that were stationed
around the house to dry out the remaining damp wood
and make enough noise to drive the occupants nuts!

These are 9 heavy duty noisy fans to move dehumidified air towards
the damp walls and to finish the job that the noise level
of the dehumidifiers may not do..
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