"Now is the winter of our discontent"
                                  Shakespeare: Richard the Third, Act I, Scene I

February 2015

We have just about the same amount of snow on the ground as we experienced in the
Buffalo Blizzard of '77 (59") which was more
than twice the N.E. Blizzard of '78 (27").

Be sure to also check out March.

The walkway to the front door.
The snow pile by the door is 7 feet high.
All shoveled by hand!

View of the patio
The two lines out there are the tops of two benches.

We hope to get to them by summer.

Deck by the back door
Those piles are the results of roof raking.

View of deck from dining Room

Ladder being raised to rake upper roof
Note how high on the snow the workman is standing.

The pile of snow after raking

Pile of snow viewed from porch

View of back door
Dip in snow pile was from crawling over it to get to back yard
Below are some of the results of the ice dams.

Holes drilled to divert water from light and fireplace


Hole expertly drilled in ceiling such that the continuous drips
of water go directly into toilet! One less bucket.

Corner of foyer walls above front door.

Tubs catching drips from ceiling
Now look at March!