2015: Lake Mirimichi is down over 2 feet!

The new and expanded beach.
Note the new path in front to the bolders.

Normally the boats would be in the water if parked there.

Note the neighbors dock is totally out of the water.

But, where does this path go?

It is the new path to the dock and the only way to the dock.

If you look closely the ramp from the stairs no longer reaches the dock!!

The situation is this,
I had to move the dock out 6 feet in order to get it off the land because the land was holding up the near end and
bending the dock upwards as the rest of the dock settled with the lower lake level.

The ramp is being supported. It could be dropped down all the way and I probably will do that.

Three of the old dock sections are now serving as a dry walkway to get on the dock.