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Adelie penguin


Adelie Chick


Adelie parent feeding a chick


Chinstrap penguin with swollen feet do to the extremely warm weather (40° F)
Notice the Chinstraps have toenails for climbing icebergs


Chinstrap Penguins with Chicks


Gentoo Penguin with chicks
Gentoo penguins stand a little less than 3 feet tall.


Gentoo feeding chick


Gentoo chick


A penguin highway created by their daily trip to the sea for getting food for their chicks.


King Penguins with Eggs.
The eggs do not touch the ground, even when they pass it to their mate to change incubator.
Adults are 3 feet tall.


Starting in the spring of their second year, the Oakum Boys (King chicks) start to molt.
Only after they have all their adult feathers, can they go into the water.


Three young men who just saw a female go by. They stand as tall as they can to be noticed.
Similar to humans!


A colony of 1 million king penguins.
They go to sea daily for food and find their mate upon returning by calling for them.
Yes, they are all calling and answering at the same time!


Magellanic penguin
They stand over 2 feet tall.


Magellanic penguins live in burrows


Magellanic penguins are very shy.


Rockhopper penguins


A creche, chicks huddled together.


Macaroni Penguin
Named by the early English explorers because in the mid 18th century,
a young Englishman who wore flashy feathers in his hat was called a "Macaroni"
as in the song, "Yankee Doodle."


Macaroni penguins build crude nests by scraping shallow holes in mud or gravel among rocks

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